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Welcome to the Reception class page. Mrs Deakin, Mrs McLernon, Mrs MacFarlin and Mrs Lee are all happy to be working in Reception this year. Visit this page to find out more about what happens in the Early Years Foundation Stage and to take a look at what the children have been up to. 

Superhero Day

We all enjoyed Superhero Day.  There were lots of activities for us to take part in.  Outside there was an obstacle course and target throw.  Inside were puzzles, den building and computer games.  In the afternoon we had to complete an obstacle course in the hall.  Even though it rained all day we loved dressing up in our favourite super hero costumes.  Take a look at the costumes we wore, can you identify the different superheroes?

Tree Planting

During Outdoor Kids we planted trees.  We had to dig a small hole and put the tree in.  The tree is only small now put it will soon grow big and tall.  

Spring in Fairy Glen

We visited Fairy Glen to look for signs of spring.  There were lots of Daffodils and buds on the trees. We had a great time exploring.

Snow Days

Here we are having a great time in the snow.   First we went onto the field and ran up and down the hill.  Next we moved to the playground where the snow was much better to make snowballs with.  We made snow men , snow walls and snow castles.  Everyone cannot wait for the next snowy day!

Outdoor Kids

For the last few weeks Reception have been enjoying the outdoors through 'Outdoor Kids'.  They have experienced a fire, collected different coloured leaves, decorated a stick and made superhero bracelets.  They have a great time and really enjoy their time in the woods.

Parachute Games

During our games lessons we have been focusing on rhythm and listening skills while working together to move the parachute in different ways.

A fun gross motor activity!


A Walk in the Woods!

Last week our reception children went on a prayer walk to Fairy Glen. 

 A prayer walk is exactly what it sounds like: a walk filled with prayer.  It simply involves walking around your community either alone or in a group.

We stopped at specific locations and thanked God for the trees, fields, waterfalls, birds, flowers, pathways to walk on and bridges to help us to cross from one side to another. 

Some of our children got very excited when they found 'Fairy Dust' near the trees. 

A Guide for Parents- Mathematics Facts for Children to Learn in EYFS/KS1

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

This is the statutory framework which outlines what children must be taught in the EYFS.

Homework Tasks for EYFS

Phonics Scheme

We use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work to teach phonics.

Articulation of Phonemes Video

A short video for parents showing the correct pronunciation of all phonemes taught in the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme.

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