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Welcome to the Year 3 class page. Mrs Deakin, Mrs Bimson, Mrs MacFarlin and Mr Hunter  will  be working in Year 3 this year. On this page you will find information about the curriculum and year group expectations in Year 3 as well as lots of photographs. Take a look at the updates each half term to see what the class have been getting up to.

''Feel the Force!'

 In Science our current topic is forces.  We recently completed a magnetic strength experiment during which the children were challenged to find out which is the strongest magnet to pick up all the paper clips.

We learned that the smallest magnet was in fact the strongest magnet.

Children used a variety of small magnetic items such as various coins, paperclips, small nails and aluminium foil pieces.  The children explored making the objects move using only their magnet. 

Remembrance Day

We have been learning all about why we commemorate Remembrance Day, we have learned about the sacrifices made by brave young people and animals, who risked (and sometimes gave) their lives in war, so that we may live in peace.

 ​As part of our commemorations, we have completed lots of work that remembers those who fought for us.

 ​We have written 'Remembrance Prayers', made 'Poppy Wreaths' and understand the difference between why we have red, purple and white poppies.   Then we added them to our display in our school hall.

On Monday 11th November, Key Stage 2 walked down to the 'Cenotaph'. 

Light, Shadows and Reflection

Year 3  have been learning about different sources of light, they understand that we need light to be able to see objects.  Firstly they sorted pictures into light and not light then shared their findings with their class.   The children really enjoyed drawing around their partner's shadow.   They have created an advert for a pair of sunglasses that they have designed and have worked scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials in the context of designing a new book bag. 

Our Topic

There's No Place Like Home

We have been having fun in Geography exploring the UK. We can name and locate some of the cities using a compass.   

Year 3 Curriculum Plan

If you would like to discuss the curriculum content further, please contact your class teacher.

Year 3 English Curriculum Expectations



Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum Expectations


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