Appley Bridge All Saints

Amazon Writing

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our Amazon Adventure topic. Take a look at some of the writing they did in response to their learning in this topic.

Amazing Angles

Year 5 have been investigating angles in 2d shapes. To make this more exciting we had a go at making shapes on our tables then we measured the angles created and wrote down our findings for others to prove/disprove.


Thy Kingdom Come

As part of the national 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative the children went over to church and used a series of prayer stations set up by Rev Sue, Diane and helpers. The children really enjoyed the activities and used the session to reflect quietly.

Welly Wednesday

The children had a fantastic time on our 'Welly Wednesday'. They all worked very hard cleaning up the school grounds and garden and planting lots of pots up. Many thanks to all the donations sent in from parents and grandparents.

Jungle Art

The children have been looking at artworks by Henri Rousseau. They then looked at some plants and images of plants and sketched them then experimented with shading to make them look more realistic. 


The children in year 5 had a great time designing and making submarines. They were tasked with designing the best shape for the submarine to descend safely. 


The children have been designing and making their own CAM toys. This was very tricky and we had a few set backs but here are the successes we had! 

Healthy Kids

Year 5 have loved their 12 weeks of Fit Kids for Life sessions with Ms Marr. The sessions really put us all through our paces and there were lots of red faces at the end!


Year 5 have enjoyed investigating capacity. Everyone had a go at comparing, estimating and measuring. It was great fun although rather chilly outside!

Information Texts

Year 5 have been working hard researching space and creating their own information texts. We've all been fascinated with the facts that we have all learned and are loving reading Tim Peake's 'Ask An Astronaut'. Take a look at some of their work here.

Sketching 3D Shapes

Year 5 have been developing their shading skills in our art lessons. Take a look at them here practising their hatching, cross hatching, blending and stippling as well as their finished products.

Saxon Day 2017.

Year 5 had a brilliant day on Friday 8th September 2017 learning all about 'The Saxons' in the school grounds. From identifying Saxon artefacts to stripping willow and building shelters; weaving and daubing the walls of the shelter to foraging for food to eat.  The children made pottage, lit fires and learnt how challenging life would have been for children in the Saxon times.  A superb start to our topic for this half term 'A Kingdom United.'

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