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Photographs from 2017-2018

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Reception 2017-2018

Year 1 2017-2018

Year 2 2017-2018

Year 3 2017-2018

Year 4 2017-2018

Year 5 2017-2018

Year 6 2017-2018

Photographs from 2016-17


For all the budding Paula Radcliffe's and Alistair Brownlee's out there the All Saints Marathon is a GO GO GO!!  All the KS2 pupils are enjoying accumulating  their miles, some have even managed 11 miles this week......only 15 more to go!!!!!

YR-Autumn Walk

Y1- Harris Museum

Y1-Planting Trees

Y2- Felt Puppets

Y2- Children in Need

Y3- Stone Age Day

Y3-Healthy Eating

Y4- Digestive System

Y4- Christingle

Y4- Art- Man Ray

Y6- Play in a Day The Titanic

Y6- Digital Art

Y6- Viking Day

YR- Fairy Glen

YR- Build a Bear & Warrington Bank Park

Y1- Friends Thank You

Y1- Great Fire of London

Y1- Fire Fire

Y1- Fairy Glen

Y2- Tesco Visit

Y3- Waddow Residential


Y3-Inter Faith Week

Y4- PE

Y4- Blackpool Dungeon Trip

Y4- Catalyst Trip

Y5- Saxon Day

Y6- Tower Wood