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Welcome to our Year 1 class page!

Miss Muirhead, Mrs Brannon and Mrs Lee are looking forward to working with the children this year. You can access information about our curriculum and the end of year expectations at the bottom of our page. We hope you enjoy looking at what we have been doing and learning together!

Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. We will be going down to the forest on Friday afternoon so please send your child into school with their forest school clothes on this day.


 Drawing on our map skills, we took our learning further and challenged ourselves to complete an orienteering course around our school. We had to look very closely at our maps and use them to tell us the direction to travel. We showed super resilience and teamwork to complete the course. 

Messy Maps

We have been developing our map skills. Working with a partner, we drew a map of our classroom. We labelled each feature and tried our best to draw features using a birds' eye view. 

Bridges Walk

 After learning about different types of bridges, we decided it would be fantastic to go and see some in our local community! We crossed a railway bridge and saw some foot bridges. 

Fans and Springs

 In DT, we learnt how to create a fan by folding paper in different directions. Then, we folded paper to create springs. We will be using these skills to add stability when we make our own bridges later this term. 

Forest Bracelets

 We have enjoyed visiting the forest again. Using our observations, we found beautiful things in nature that we could use to create beautiful bracelets. 

Cricket Taster Sessions

Year 1 were delighted to take part in a number of cricket sessions. The children demonstrated super throwing skills as they aimed to hit their wickets. They enjoyed developing their batting skills. Well done, Year 1- we may have some future cricket stars in our class!


Our class toy, Benny, had a problem! Benny's umbrella did not keep him dry. Year 1 decided that they would plan an investigation to find out which material would be best for Benny to use to make a new umbrella. The children enjoyed taking on the role of scientists and worked brilliantly with a partner to carry out the investigation. When they looked at their results, Year 1 decided that Benny could use a plastic bag as it was waterproof. 


To launch our new science topic, we were given the task to identify the materials that were in the packages. We started to use a range of scientific vocabulary to identify and describe the materials. 

World Book Day!

 To celebrate World Book Day, we dressed up as things from our favourite books! We loved sharing a range of books with each other and talking about why we liked them. Can you tell who we are dressed up as?


What a fun maths lesson! We loved measuring the capacity of containers by counting how many cups of water they could hold. We had to be very careful to ensure we didn't spill and as we were pouring the water into our containers. 

Measuring Length

We worked hard to measure the length of objects using rulers. It was tricky at first but we persevered until we became more confident. Then, we measured objects around our classroom. 

Measuring Mass

During our maths lessons, we have been focussing on measure. We loved working with our friends to accurately measure the mass of objects using cubes and balancing scales. 

The United Kingdom

 As part of our topic work, we have been learning all about the United Kingdom. We labelled each of the four countries and their capital cities. We are going to take our learning further by learning about each of the four countries!

Continents and Oceans

With our friends, we have been recapping our knowledge of continents. This term, we also identified the five oceans and we are practised locating them on a map. We have been singing songs to help us remember their names. 

Growing Cress

 We planted cress seeds and monitored their growth over time. Using magnifying glasses, we looked closely at our cress and recorded what we could see in our cress diaries. 


We used fruit and vegetables to create repeating patterns. After that, we thought about how we could use fruit and vegetables to print a lovely picture of a garden. We were very imaginative! We used oranges to create petal shapes and apples to create the flower.

Colour Mixing

During our art lesson, we mixed primary colours together to make secondary colours. We loved experimenting and finding out what colour each mixture would make. Now, we can identify primary and secondary colours. 

Fruit Kebabs

 After evaluating a range of healthy snacks, we decided that we wanted to make our own fruit kebabs. We thought about the fruit we would like to include and designed our own kebabs. Then, we used our designs to make our own. They were delicious!

Active Maths

 Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s can be rather tricky! We decided to take our learning outside and play some games to practise this important skill. 

Forest School

The children are so excited to return to the forest during the spring term. We are ready to look out for signs of new life and participate in lots of outdoor learning.

Mend the Manger

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed performing in our Key Stage One nativity, 'Mend the Manger'. Have a look at our fabulous costumes!

London's Burning!

In our music lessons, we have been learning 'London's Burning'. We recorded ourselves singing the song and thought about how we could make it better. We wanted to make it more interesting by adding musical instruments and singing clearly. 

We hope you enjoy our final performance!

Anti-Bullying Week

To celebrate Anti-Bullying Week, we wore odd socks to school! We thought about how we are all unique and special. Then we thought about kind words we could say to one another. 

Fire Painting!

We worked together to paint large fire pictures using different sized brushes! The pictures are now on display in our Pudding Lane Bakery!

Firework Poem

The children have learnt 'Firework Poem' by James Carter. We added our own actions and enjoyed thinking about the sounds that fireworks make. Next, we will be writing our very own firework poems. We hope you enjoy our performance!

Number Lines 

We have worked hard to improve our number formation and wrote number lines on our playground. 

Penguin Models

After manipulating Play-doh in a variety of ways, we used clay to create penguin models. We were very proud of our efforts! 

Prayer Walk in Fairy Glen

We went for a walk through Fairy Glen and thanked God for his beautiful creation. We also spotted lots of signs of Autumn such as fallen leaves, conkers and pine cones!

Building Sukkah Shelters

This half term, we have been learning all about Harvest. We enjoyed thinking about the Jewish equivalent, Sukkot. We built a Sukkah shelter in our class and decorated it with pictures of our favourite fruit, pictures of the Star of David and menorahs. 

Dissecting (Pretend) Animal Poo!

We dissected poo samples to find out if animal was a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore. Luckily, the samples were only pretend! 

Comparing Numbers

We compared numbers using the greater than, less than and equal signs. Then we enjoyed building the numbers to prove our answers. 

Meeting Some Animals!

We loved having the opportunity to handle a range of animals. We enjoyed learning all about giant snails, cockroaches, tarantulas, snakes and lizards! It was amazing to be able to hold them and stroke them. 

The Continents

We have been learning all about the continents. We can name each of them and made balloon globes to place them on our planet. We loved learning The Continent Song too! We hope you enjoy our performance video. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

As part of our English Unit, we are looking at the story 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers. We worked with a partner to retell the story. Can you tell who is underneath the masks?

Identifying Animals

We worked hard to identify a range of animals! Have a look at what we got up to. 

Please click here to view our Curriculum Intent Statement

Year 1 Curriculum Plan

Please see below our curriculum overview. If you have any questions please contact Miss Muirhead. 

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Phonics Scheme

We use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work to teach phonics.

Articulation of Phonemes Video

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