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Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Mr Buckley, Mr Hunter, and Miss Hooper will all be working in Year 6 this year. On this page, you will find information about the curriculum and year group expectations in Year 6 towards the bottom and useful information for parents regarding end of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessments. We will be aiming to update the website regularly with photographs and information about what is going on in our classroom this year.

We are looking forward to sharing some exciting things this year!


Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday and our homework will be set on Tuesdays and returned into school on Mondays. 

Homework will be posted on this website at the bottom of the page for if you or your child are unsure about the tasks being set. 

Appley Bridge Community Association - Voluntary Work

As part of the Archbishop of York Award we have taken on and completed a community project. We chose to help with planting, fixing dead hedges and painting benches at The Meadows to give back to our community. Take a look at what we did below!

Science - Classifying Animals

We've begun our topic on classification in Year 6. We have started off deciding on what we will be classifying animals using and came up with a number of different ways to sort the same animals. 

(Late) World Book Day 2021

In order to be able to celebrate World Book Day with everybody, we delayed our activities until the week after so everybody could enjoy the event. We made paper chains with recommendations of books to read on. Each child wrote three words to explain why they think the book is brilliant. Take a look at some of the pictures from below. 

Science - Blood

As part of the science unit in Spring 1, we have made blood! We sent home instructions for those doing home learning and ensured the children in school had the same set. It was brilliant to see everyone (at home or school) getting creative and making some blood. We even managed to remember the four components and their vital job in keeping us alive. 

Guided Reading - Book Selection

Upon returning to school, Year 6 had the option to choose which books they would like to read through and study in depth for guided reading. We chose to rank the options available in order from most excited to read to least. It turns out some of them were top spot in a number of groups! 

Science - Shadow Puppet Nativity

As a way to finish off our unit of work on light this half term, we decided to put on a nativity using shadow puppets. We recorded each of the sections and here is our spectacular creation!

Active Maths - Children in Need Style!

It was non-uniform day for Children in Need and we decided to get out of the classroom to have some races! We collected fraction cards from the end of the payground and solved multiplication and division questions with them. It was great to be outside and to be able to run and learn at the same time. Take a look at our activity below!

Remembrance Day 2020

As a slightly different Remembrance Day was on the cards for 2020, Year 6 walked down to the community centre for a short Remembrance Service. After some prayers and moving words had been shared, by some of the children, we lay the wreath and stood for 2 minutes in silence to remember those who gave their lives for us. Take a look at our journey and the service in action below.

Science - Light Rays

As part of our science topic introduction on light, we used some strands of yellow wool and found ways that light travels into our eyes from the source. We also looked at how we see an object and drew some of our own diagrams to show our thinking. Take a look at our investigation below!

Art - Camouflage Painting

 For our Art as our topic is Survival! we have been painting animals hidden in their natural habitats. Some of the paintings were really incredible. We recently managed to get them finished and will have pictures to follow shortly! Take a look at the creative process below to see how much fun we had.

Bookflix Blog!

As part of our 'Bookflix' reading scheme, we have created a blog to share our reading recommendations with the world!

Click on the logo below.

Science - Bird Beak Buffet

As part of our investigation into the science concept of evolution, we explored how birds may or may not survive based on the foods they would have had the chance to eat. We used tweezers, spoons, paper clips and pegs for different bird beaks and recorded if our bird species would survive based on the food that would be available on the island. We had a great time exploring the different types of food available. Enjoy the pictures below. 

We Read Everywhere

Check out these cool places we have been reading around school. 

PE - Kwik Cricket

To kick off our PE sport for the half term we had a cracking game of cricket, aiming to think about what the skills we needed were. Take a look at us rotating round the cones as we play our game! 

Computing - Creating Variables

As a kick off to our year, we created some fun games to play using timers to count down. The variables were coded from an empty code box and everybody managed to get a timer on their game. Take a look below to see how we managed the code!

Year 6 English Curriculum Expectations



Year 6 Mathematics Curriculum Expectations


Year 6 Curriculum Plan

If you would like to discuss the curriculum content in more detail, please contact the class teacher.

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