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Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Mr Buckley will be working in Year 6 this year. On this page, you will find information about the curriculum and year group expectations in Year 6 towards the bottom and useful information for parents regarding end of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessments. We will be aiming to update the website regularly with photographs and information about what is going on in our classroom this year.

We are looking forward to sharing some exciting things this year!


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday, and our homework will be set on Tuesdays and returned into school on Mondays. 

Publishing Book Covers - Art

 We have finished writing our flashback story so decided to get the art supplies out for our Art lesson. We created book covers to publish our books. We looked at how they need to stand out on the shelf and be in a unique style that is easily recognisable. Take a look at us working below.

Significant Vikings - History

 Our Viking topic got very interesting when we explored the different claims to the throne during 1066. We explored three significant people: Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson and William the Conqueror. We looked at different sources to find facts and explored why they were important. 

World Book Day 2024!

 The children really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day 2024. It was good to see some of our favourite characters and even some group costumes too!

Team Balances - Gymnastics

 With the help of WLSP, we have been working on some epic team balances. We were able to use our core gymnastics skills when balancing using our peers for support. Take a look at our epic balances below.

Codeshow - Computing

 On the last day of Spring 1, The Code Show visited school to show how much computing has changed over the years. We got to play some epic older games and used a typewriter from before the days of computers and screens. 

Pizza Making - DT

 For our DT topic in Spring 1, we created pizzas. It was great to create something edible in school and we got to enjoy them while working in the afternoon.

Archbishop Of York - Community Walk

For session 3 of our young leaders award, we went for a walk around the local community looking for ways we could lend a hand to help our neighbours. We stopped at: the village hall, the scout hut and Fair Glen to see what things we could do to benefit the community.

Science - Origami Heart

For our topic on the heart, we have made an origami heart. We used a template to get the correct shape and then labelled a photograph of our heart with the appropriate labels. It was good to make something which we used as a model to help us understand a scientific concept. 


We spent a morning out in the snow. We made some snowmen and created some huge snowballs. It was cold but great fun!

PE - Climbing Frames

For a treat in our PE lesson we got out the climbing frames and gym equipment. We spent time finding different ways to travel across the climbing frames and had a bit of nostalgia as we enjoyed reaching up high, like we used to in KS1.

Art - Pencil Skills

We have been looking at self portraits and began our unit with some brilliant pencil skills. Children used pencils with different hardness and tried sketching different things with different grips. We made some great and impactful artwork but mainly enjoyed using the pencil in different ways.

PE - Reaction Games

We played some reaction games in PE to help with team sports and athletics. It was great to see who could catch their partner.

Light - Shadow Puppet Theatre

For the end of our light topic, we create our own stories using shadow puppets. We then put on a show for the rest of the class. 

Maths - Baking using Ratio

 For the end of our ratio topic we baked some shortbread using a ratio to create quantities. We had so much fun and it was a really enjoyable morning creating out biscuit dough. They also tasted yummy too.

Light - Filters for Colour

We have been looking at how light can be filtered throughout life to provide different benefits. We tried to make some interesting coloured sunglasses and investigated our ideas using different filters on torches. 

Music - Playing Benjamin Britten - A New Year Carol

 Children have been learning to sing the song 'A New Year Carol' by Benjamin Britten. We learnt how to sing it first in different parts and then had a go at playing using the glockenspiels. We discussed the different notes and had a go at reading the music. Take a look at us learning below.

Light - Chromatography

 Year 6 have been looking at how different colours are made and we used some chromatography paper to make some epic bookmarks. Take a look at our little investigation.

Archbishop Of York - Young Leaders Award Session 1

Children took part in the first session of the Young Leaders Award today where they explored working well as a team and using leadership skills to create better functioning teams. We stacked cups using an elastic band tool and this activity required some real communication!

Eco Church

As part of the All Saints' Church project, we were invited to join in with some eco activities put on by some fantastic volunteers from church. Take a look below at what we got up to.

Biography Work

Year 6 have been working hard to create a digital biography for you to access. Please ask your child what number their biography is and you can read their work below.

Bird Beak Buffet

 As part of science, we explored how Darwin found some of the variation within the finches of the Galapagos Islands. We explored how different beaks help with feeding on different food sources. 

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