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Online Safety

In this every changing digital world the pace of advancements in online technology is exceptional.  Keeping ahead of these changes and how to keep children safe online is becoming increasingly difficult for parents.

As a school we have subscribed to Knowsley City Learning Centres  who are a non-profit organisation and one of their objectives is to support schools with online safety.  The publish a monthly newsletter that we will post here and send home to all parents via the ClassDojo.

A Guide to Parental Controls

Additional Sources for information:

National Online Safety is a website dedicated to online safety and is packed with useful, easy accessible information for parents on how to keep their children safe online. Take a look at the following link which will take you to a range of useful leaflets each targeting a different topic related to online safety.
In addition, National Online Safety have a Facebook page which you can follow for regular updates. Every Wednesday parental support leaflets are published through this page. 





Online Safety Newsletter - November 2022

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Safer Internet Day

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