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Welcome to the Year 3 class page!


Miss Williams welcomes you to Year 3!  We are lucky enough to have some fantastic teaching assistants to support our learning:  Miss Hooper and Mrs MacFarlin.

Throughout the year, we will go on an exciting residential trip to Waddow Hall and spend a whole day with Tim our Stone Age Man.  As part of our learning in DT, we will create a healthy picnic lunch and make a Roman sundial.  We will study artists during our art lessons and explore the place where we live by visiting our local area. 

Keep your eyes peeled over the year for more information the Year 3 Web Page, Twitter, Dojo and much more!

Some Useful Information about Homework


In Year 3, we expect children to read 15 minutes daily.  Questioning is important, so please try to ask your child's questions about the book they're reading.  If you need support with the questions, ask.  Please encourage your child to make notes of the books they read, noting the title and pages read.  Your comments are also very welcome.  Both reading books and reading record books should be brought into school every day in your child's bookbag.


Spellings are linked to our daily spelling lessons and will be sent home on Tuesday, returned the following Monday.  Please make sure your child has their homework folder in on a Monday ready for their test.  To practise spellings with your child, please use the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check' approach, play snap games or try colour coding the patterns or sounds within words.


We begin the year by covering place value and then focus on the four number operations which underpin our learning throughout the year.  From this, we will then cover place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, measure, geometry, money, fractions and statistics.

Please encourage your child to show their workings out on their homework.  It is through seeing mistakes children have made that we gain a greater understanding of what misconceptions they may have and can take action.  Besides their maths homework task, your child may receive an additional maths task set by the class teacher on one of our school ICT programmes to work on one of the four number operations.  Every child will be given a times tables test on Monday.

All homework should be completed in pencil unless stated.

Physical Education

Our PE lessons are every week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Many thanks for your kindness and support!

Miss Williams 

Food Technology

Year 3, have had a brilliant time cooking and preparing a healthy pack lunch.

Science - Light and Shadows

We have been learning about light and shadows and understand that we need light to be able to see things.  Light travels in a straight line.  When light hits an object, it is reflected (bounces off).  If the reflective light hits our eyes, we can see the object.  Mirrors reflect light very well, so they create a clear image.  An image in a mirror appears to be revered. When the light source is directly above the object, the shadow will be directly underneath.  When the light source is to one side of an object the shadow will appear on the opposite side.  The shadow will also be longer.

We also made a sundial.  At noon, we placed the sundial outside in a place that received sunlight all day, then returned to the dial each hour and marked the position of the shadow and the current time.

Art - Clay Techniques to Try

We rolled clay into snakes and used clay techniques like; squeezing, pulling and pinching it using our fingers.  Then used a variety of tools to help us carve into the clay to create holes or hollows.  We tried to join pieces of clay together by smoothing the pieces together to make  a totem pole.  Finally we squashed the totem pole back into a lump of clay and turned it into a clay pot. All we need to do now is to paint, decorate and make something interesting to go inside. 

Please click here to view our Curriculum Intent Statement

Year 3 Curriculum Plan

If you would like to discuss the curriculum content further, please contact your class teacher.

Year 3 English Curriculum Expectations



Year 3 Mathematics Curriculum Expectations


Year 3 Knowledge Organisers

 Knowledge Organisers
 Year 3 - Autumn 2 - Healthy Humans - Knowledge Organsier.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Autumn 1 - No Place Like Home - Knowledge Organiser.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Autumn 2 - Healthy Humans - Knowledge Organsier.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Spring 1 - The Iron Man - Knowledge Organiser (2).pubDownload
 Year 3 - Spring 1 - The Iron Man - Knowledge Organiser.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Spring 2 -How Does Your Garden Grow - Knowledge Organiser.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Summer 1 - Rock and Roll - Knowledge Organiser.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Summer 1 - Rock and Roll - Knowledge Organsier.pubDownload
 Year 3 - Summer 2 - What the Romans Did for Us - Knowledge Organiser (2).pubDownload
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