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Welcome to the Year 1 class page. Here you will find information about the curriculum and year group expectations in Year 1 as well as lots of photographs of the children in and around the setting.

Mrs Liversidge and Mrs Lee look forward to seeing parents at open sessions on Fridays.

Bridges Around Our Local Area

As a launch to our summer project we decided to begin exploring the local community by visiting some of the bridges around the Appley Bridge area. We walked down the lane and around the back of school onto Appley Lane North looking at some of the signs we saw on the way.

After wandering down the hill, passing places such as the village hall, we came to the railway bridge. It looked very strong and we saw cars driving over it. It was interesting to see the shape of the bridge and a train actually flew by as we had a look!

After the railway bridge we walked to the canal and had a look at that bridge. This bridge was a different shape but the materials used were similar. While looking at the bridge we were met by a raft of ducklings. We walked under the bridge along the canal and back to school. It was so much fun. We look forward to exploring the local area and building our own bridges for some toy cars very soon!

Little Red Riding Hood

During the first week back after half term we have been looking at Little Red Riding Hood. We spent some time familiarizing ourselves with the plot of the story and what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. We then split into pairs and acted it out in front of a green screen! It was so much fun to see the video at the end with the change to the background and we really enjoyed making this video, we hope to make some more soon.

Fruit Kebabs

 We have been making fruit kebabs in year 1 this half term. We spent some time trying different flavours, thinking about colours and planning a repeating pattern to give our kebabs an eye-catching look. We had so much fun trying Mango, Pineapple, Raspberries and Watermelon. We hope you enjoy the pictures below. 


Here are our penguins.  We have made them from clay, let them dry and then painted them. While we were at Blackpool Zoo we saw lots of penguins we hope these look like them.

Blackpool Zoo

On Wednesday 26th September we visited Blackpool Zoo.  We went on a coach that took us straight to the zoo.  First we visited the monkey house, then the kangeroo's.  We walked through the lemurs and onto the camels.  While we ate our packed lunch we watched the sea lion show that was great fun.  There are dinosaurs at Blackpool Zoo which were large and scary.  Finally we visited the elephants with a quick look at the baby zebra.  We were very tired when we got back to school but we had a fantastic time.

Fairy Glen

We have been on our first visit to The Fairy Glen.  Here we looked for signs of autumn, climbed hills and ran down the other side.  Best of all we paddled in the stream.  We  said a short prayer to thank God for all his creation.  

Outdoor Kids

Outdoor Kids takes place every Friday morning.  We have lots of fun in the woods.  Here are some pictures of Year One having a great time.  Year One can't wait to go exploring every week.


We have been measuring.  First we chose an object then we placed it on the scales and then used cubes to find out what its mass was.

Year 1 Curriculum Plan

Year 1 English Curriculum Expectations



Year 1 Mathematics Curriculum Expectations


A Guide for Parents- Mathematics Facts for Children to Learn in EYFS/KS1

Maths Homework for Year 1

Phonics Scheme

We use the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme of work to teach phonics.

Articulation of Phonemes Video

A short video for parents showing the correct pronunciation of all phonemes taught in the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme.

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