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Welcome to the Year 6 class page. Mr Buckley, Mr Hunter, Mrs Dunn, Mrs Bimson and Miss Hooper will all be working in Year 6 this year. On this page, you will find information about the curriculum and year group expectations in Year 6 towards the bottom and useful information for parents regarding end of Key Stage Statutory Assessments. We will be aiming to update the website regularly with photographs and information about what is going on in our classroom this year.

Homework will be posted on this website at the bottom of the page for if you or your child are unsure about the tasks being set. 

Home Learning - Story

One of our pupils has been busy writing a story for everybody and has recorded it for everybody to hear! Please see the video below!

DT - Pizza!

For part of our DT topic on healthy food options, we decided to make a healthy pizza for some of the children in KS1. We decided to use a wrap as our base and then add toppings - some of the disguised - to give us the chance to ensure children are getting their 5 a day. We had a great time preparing our pizzas and all of us decided they were a perfect meal option for us to cook at home! Take a look at some of the skills we developed and some of the pizzas we made.

Art - Superhero!

Over this half term we have been looking at the work of some Heroes and Villains across different subjects and different settings. We decided to create our own superheroes in art and drew them in different styles. Have a look at some of our fabulous creations below!

Active Maths - Measures

As a more active way of consolidating our knowledge of area and perimeter, we have been floating around the classroom measuring some of the furniture we have. We measured all sorts of shapes, including rectangles, squares, trapeziums and we even found some triangles! It was a great way for us to use larger numbers to calculate the area of some different shapes using our formula.

Science - Dissection

During our exploration of the circulatory system we had a wonderful time dissecting lamb hearts. After getting all kitted up with the protective lab equipment we delved into the activity with huge enthusiasm. We carefully cut the hearts with close supervision from Mr. Buckley and explored the structure of the heart.

RE - Advent

This week Year 6 have been making an advent calendar ready for the run up to Christmas. They have been making small care packages for themselves using all sorts of wonderful Christmas crafts and adding in their very own classical advent staple - some chocolate. It's been great seeing Year 6 so interested in the traditions of other families and discussing the reasons why they love Christmas!

Science - Light and Reflection

This half term in science we are looking at how light can be reflected using mirrors. This week we have had a look at how light travels and what happens to the angles of incident and the angles of reflection in relation to a reflection from a smooth surface. Below are some pictures of us trying to measure the angles in a darkened room. 

Science - Evolution, The Biscuit Way

On Monday 7th October we looked at using the new vocabulary we have learnt during our topic on evolution. We looked at it through the lens of biscuits. We spoke about artificially selecting parents as two different types of biscuit and which offspring they might produce as we aimed to create our dream biscuit from two of the biscuits we selected. Below are some pictures of our Darwin inspired results.

Residential - Tower Wood

We had an excellent time at Tower Wood over the second week of the Autumn term and we had a great time building some great relationships and teamwork strategies. We had the chance to go out on Lake Windermere, jumping into the lake from a huge paddle board, sailing across the open water and canoeing together on a raft. Take a look below to see some of the fun and 'once in a lifetime' activities we had chance to do while at Tower Wood. 

Science - Bird Beak Buffet

During our first science lesson for on our new topic of 'Survival!' we started our investigation about the Finches on the Galapagos Islands. We had a look at which types of beaks would be best for our different food sources represented by the marbles, paper clips, counters and elastic bands. We came to some interesting conclusions.

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